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  • Deepak Devanga


Scope Amra logistics Pvt. Ltd has been selected to serve the logistics services for an automotive machinery Shipment of 170 Ton Break Bulk Cargo from Shanghai, China to Coimbatore via chennai port.

Our scope was not only limited to ocean freight but also included loading the cargo to the vessel, custom clearance at the destination, unloading the cargo, arranging a road transport,

loading/unloading and delivery to consignee door.

On arrival at the chennai port, we custom cleared the cargo in quick time. Unfortunately due to heavy cyclonic conditions, we had to dock the cargo for 2 days until the weather was suitable enough for road transport. The cargo was loaded on to a 180 TN capacity delivery vehicle for its 600 kms journey to the destination.

The challenge was different levels where in the vehicle had to go through 11 toll gates for which the permissions were taken well in advance to ensure smooth passage of the vehicle without a delay. We had to remove and reconstruct 2 toll gates which were not wide enough for the cargo to pass.

Before reaching the site, the vehicle had to negotiate through small streets and low hanging electrical lines.

We also had a construct a 100ft temporary road to bypass a narrow road.

Throughout the transit, the cargo vehicle was escorted by 2 vehicles to ensure the smooth passage.

Finally, when the cargo reached the destination, we found that the crane's lifting capacity was not enough for the machinery. Immediately we arranged over 40 manual labours to unload the machinery in the plant ensuring no damage and maximum safety.

The successful delivery of this massive cargo was possible only due to our extensive and precise planning.

Aggressive reporting is a key factor to keep customers up to date. Transparency is maintained to ensure coverage of all facts and figures so that the project is accomplished successfully.

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